Aimless Wandering | Flynn and Rapunzel 


“Are you sure?” Rapunzel questioned, before seeing Flynn’s grazed palms when he raised his hands at her. She frowned, “Oh god. I’m sorry, I should have been looking where I was going.” The blonde shook some of her hair out of her eyes and dug into her bag, she moved around a few objects until she came across her tiny first aid kit. Pulling out two bandages, she closed her bag and took Flynn’s right hand and tied one around the graze, and pursed her lips in concentration making sure she had successfully put it on tight enough. Without asking Flynn, she took his left hand and tied that one up just as well, making sure the cotton fabric hid the graze. She pulled away and smiled, “You don’t want them to get infected do you?” She explained, “Plus they make you look tough.” Rapunzel winked.  

“No, no, it’s fine really. I’m not hurt, my map suffered more than I did.” She giggled and quickly stopped her babbling when Flynn interrupted her, her pale skin turned a soft pink in embarrassment and she ran a hand through her hair. “Sorry.” she whispered, looking down at the floor for a moment. Rapunzel liked Flynn, he was nice and sweet and she had the idea that he had somewhat a love for breaking the rules inside of him, which was intriguing to the girl. “What? Without them map?” She gushed, whenever Rapunzel did something it had to be organized completely. By the sounds of it, Flynn was a little bit more daring then her. “Um..” She paused for a moment and looked at Flynn who was grinning in her direction, it was completely infectious and she found herself grinning right back at him. “Deal!” 

Boy, if Rapunzel’s Mom knew where she was now, she would go insane. Rapunzel felt so rebellious, yet cautious. “The world is yours Flynn! I can’t be anymore lost then what I already am, so bring it on.” she giggled and let her green eyes examine the world around her, not having the slightest clue where to go, and truth be told she felt safe around Flynn, like her was her body guard or something. Once they had started walking, Rapunzel decided to break the silence. “So.. How are you Flynn?” She asked, toying with the ends of her long hair nervously. 

Flynn was a little taken aback as Rapunzel pulled out a little first aid kit, fully equipped with bandages and whatever else a person could possibly need to patch someone up. She was almost as bad as Tia; that girl was prepared for any eventuality and a good job she was too. If he hadn’t been for her, he probably wouldn’t be in the shape he was in right now; he’d be a damn sight worse. He watched as the blonde carefully wrapped the gauzed material around each palm and secured them with small knots. Inspecting her handiwork with an impressed expression on his face, he chuckled when she said he looked tough. “Makes me look like a bit of a bruiser huh?” He wiggled his eyebrows and grinned, flexing his hands, but wincing a little as the sting returned.

He glanced back towards her and eyed the torn map. She was right; it had suffered a lot more than she had. A smile came to his face as she turned away to blush. “You don’t have to be sorry sweetheart. Nothing wrong with talking at a hundred miles an hour, just slow it down a tad so my mortal ears can you hear you right.” The smile remained on his face and he nodded at her question. “No map whatsoever. We’ll be using Flynn Rider Satellite Navigation.” He winked playfully and nudged her arm, trying to persuade her further. Doing things spontaneously was so much more fun than following plans, or so Flynn thought, and when Rapunzel finally nodded and agreed to go along with his plan, his smile spread into a grin. “Perfect. Shake on it?” He turned back to her and held out a hand with his eyebrows raised. “Can’t be a deal ‘til we’ve shaken on it.”

Deal done, and Flynn nodded before gesturing in a direction for them to go in. “Let’s wing it. This way looks pretty good to me.” He sprung into a steady walk, hands shoved deep into the pockets of his shorts, shorts which he detested, but the weather was far too hot for jeans so he had no choice. He looked towards Rapunzel as she spoke. “I’m doing pretty good, can’t complain.” He shrugged and smiled. He didn’t really want to share all of his problems or burden Rapunzel with what was going on in his head; she was far too sweet for that. “How about you Goldilocks? Enjoying yourself so far?”    

Yarn Bombing? | Flynn and Lilo 


Lilo looked up at Flynn with a look that resembled one of questioning his sanity as she looked at the plan yellow yarn he held out trying to tempt her with. “Flynn” she said seriously, “I don’t like yellow. I like sparkly yellow. Red and blue and sparkly yarn. Trust me, the sparkly yarn alone gives me more than enough to have fun with. You’ll run out of yarn before I do I imagine.” She honestly had no idea if her statement was true or not but if it got him off her back about the colors, she was not going to complain.

She dropped the box and began to pick out her chooses colors and requirements for the year. “You know what would make this better? Fuzzy yarn. You know the type that is like…fuzzy” she laughed, twisting the yarn in her hands a bit. “Yeah, we are. Gonna be interesting to say the least. Don’t get caught, can’t take credit for your work. Get  caught and the chance of being expelled from the school runs. Get options, right?” she laughed, looking back down at the box. “Or maybe that’s just me” she added thoughtfully. Shrugging it off, Lilo walked outside and looked around at the dusty world around her. “So..split up or go off together?” she asked, looking over at him.

Flynn shrugged and lowered his outstretched hand. Might as well keep the yellow for himself then, because if he was honest he didn’t really care all that much for colours. Well, maybe a blue would be nice. Blue happened to be his favourite colour. He glanced back down into the box again after setting the ball of yarn in his hand to one side and sighted a sparkly yellow ball just in the corner of the box. He leaned in a scooped it out, throwing it up and down a couple of times in his hands. “Here.” He nodded to her with a smile. “Sparkly yellow.”

As she dropped the box Flynn crouched the the floor and watched her sort through the rest of the yarn. He was happy to have whatever was left over, so he leaned his back against the wall as she sifted through the different colours, shapes and sizes of wool. “Hm?” He glanced over at her as she spoke. “Fuzzy yarn? Yeah I get’cha.” He nodded with a smile. “I’ll keep an eye out for the fuzzy kind. See if I can nab any for your little collection.” He gestured to the box and then sat up straight. “Options are good. I’ve never stopped to take credit for what I do…” He laughed lightly and ruffled his hair. “Can’t imagine it’d end well if I did though.”

Flynn leaned forward and grabbed a handful of random balls of yarn and then placed them on his little pile. “Up to you.” He shrugged. “Since I’m a newbie to this you might wanna keep your distance from me. If it ends in disaster then you can scram.”  

I need a drink an’ don’ wan’ ta go alone.  


Yes, I am sure if you decided ta start strippin’, dee entire ship would be at attention. Per’aps you should do it. I mean, I wouldn’ be der ta see it, but jus’ knowin’ it ‘appened is good enough. 

They’d have to stare, I’m a work of art. -he winks- It’d certainly raise a few brows and get a few pulses racing. You wouldn’t be there? Ah, shame…seeing people’s reactions would be pretty priceless.